The Parrot Theatre


A Little History...

The Parrot Theatre in downtown Alma has been a landmark in our community for many years.  In the early years, it was owned and operated by a local family, Paul and Thelma Haeker. Over the years, the Parrot Theatre has seen many changes.  A major change was made in 1988 when the Parrot Theatre closed briefly before being bought by the Alma Chamber of Commerce.  In March of 1988, a theatre board was created and met for the first time.  This board consisting of several local families that had been selected by the Alma Chamber of Commerce were chosen to continue the running of this local business. These families volunteered to run the theatre on a rotating weekend basis, coming together to make decisions about how to handle the theatre business and what would need to be done to continue hosting a variety of movies for the enjoyment of Alma and the surrounding communities.  The goal of this new theatre board and Chamber was to have an affordable source of entertainment and to have an opportunity to give back to the community. With hard work by the new theatre board, various volunteers and the Alma High School government class, the theatre was soon ready to open.  On April 30, 1988, a premier party was held at the Alma City Auditorium prior to the showing of the first movie, Three Men and a Baby.

The Parrot Theatre has seen some updates inside and out including adding a brick front to the building, new roof resurfacing , installation of a new screen, new seating, aisle lighting installed, new heating and air conditioning system, updated concessions, bathrooms, and hallways with new flooring and wood trim, and new paint throughout the building,

Today, the Parrot Theatre Board consists of twelve families who rotate weekends and meet once a month to discuss the Parrot Theatre’s financial business and set policies to guarantee a continued family entertainment venue in the community. 

Why do families volunteer to be a part of the Parrot Theatre Board?                                            
Some reasons that current and past volunteers have given include:
  • Gives a sense of responsibility and pride.
  • It’s our way of showing our appreciation to the community by providing the community with another entertainment option.
  • A friendly atmosphere that teaches simple business skills.
  • Teaches perseverance, respect, and pride for our community.
  • It’s a time when the entire family can come together to help others in a great atmosphere.
  • Great place to teach small town morals, values, and respect for property and people.

Current 2016 Family Board Members, Positions and Number of Years Active on Board

  • Matt & Michelle Fritz – President -  3 years
  • Brain & Katie Seyler – Vice-President - 1 year
  • Jay & Tammy Wells – Secretary – 19 years
  • Jeff & Shannon Lynch – Treasurer – 4 years
  • Rich & Lisa Soderholm - Inventory/Ordering  – 10 years
  • Bryan & Meredith McQuay - Booking Agent - 1 year
  • Michael & Corinne Bell – 5 years 
  • Nick & LeAnne Bewley - 1 year
  • Brad & Becky Wolfe - 1 year
  • Justin & Jaclyn Daake
  • Jesus & JoAnn Felix
  • Jim & Penny Bendorf
603 Main Street

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 344, Alma, Nebraska 68920

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Find Us:

Downtown in Alma

603 Main Street

Weekly Show Times:

Saturday 7:30 p.m.


4:30 & 7:30 p.m.

Monday at 7:30 p.m.

Admission Prices:

Adults $4.00

Children 12 and under $3.00

Sunday Matinee $3.00 all seats